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Rising Steel press 2019Rising Steel is here with a mission : metallized yourhead with powerfull riffs and strong spirit of the 90’sHeavy Metal ! Based in Grenoble, france, the band de-liver a “not so” classical heavy metal but a bunchmore with their influences going mainly from the 80’sNWOBHM scene, but also from Hard Rock to Thrashmetal. A solid and powerful metal music, legacy of thegreat Priest’s and Maiden’s spirits, for fan of earlyMetallica, Accept, Grand Magus, Nevermore, Slayer….

After « warlord » (Ep-2014) and « return of the warlord »(Album/2016-@mighty music), they share some stagewith nice renowned band like Jaded Heart, Sister Sin,ADX, Nightmare, Nashville Pussy and more, and thealbum conquer a large internationnal audience !…Three years live, giging live and working on new ma-terial, 2019 is the time to confirm with a new album »Fight Them all », who’s going to kick some asses.

For this brand new 11th tracks, The Steels want to do it big-ger : After 14 days of studios for tracking the songs(Eliott Tordo @Suntzu Studio), the band decided toget in mixing with the swedish legend Rickard Bengsston and his associe Staffan Karlsson(@sweetspotstudio, Halmstad, Sweden) for their approach with classical Heavy metal (Arch ennemy,Shining, Spiritual Beggars , Grand Magus… !). For mastering choice is made to work with Mika Jussila @Finnvox studios in Finland, a 50’s years old mastering studio who mastered more than 2000+ LP,some of the best sound on metal earth ! (Children ofBodom, Chtonic, Nightwish …)

If you are looking for explosive blend, riffing, crushingswedish sound, just take an hear to the upcoming record, and get your dose of metal !

– Metal is a law –

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27/01/2019 : @ Brin de Zinc (Chambery) +  Dead Season + Ormagodden

27/01/2018 : @ …


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NEW ALBUM AVALAIBLE « Return of the Warlord »

Cristal, NOV 2016 (10 tracks) – Mighty Music


NEW ! Official Video clip from the song « Dead or Alive » (2016) réalisation José dos Santos

Official Video clip from the song « Warlord » (2015) réalisation Magalie Laroche, La Bobine, Grenoble


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